Englische Bewerbung

Gerade Studenten nutzen oft die Gelegenheit während des Studiums ein sogenanntes Auslandssemester zu absolvieren. In der Regel finden diese in Ländern statt, in denen Englisch gesprochen wird oder zumindest die Hauptkommunikation darüber läuft. Aus diesem Grund ist es auch erforderlich die Bewerbung für die entsprechende Position in englischer Sprache anzufertigen. Allerdings gilt Gleiches auch für Bewerbern die Ihren beruflichen Wirkungskreis in ein englischsprachiges Land verlegen. Hier gilt es natürlich auf eine ansprechende und vor allem korrekte Formulierung zu achten.

Folgendes Beispiel für ein Bewerbungsschreiben einer englische Bewerbung liefert Ihnen entsprechende Anhaltspunkte:


Example International Corperation
Street of Example 4-6
12345 City of Example

Musterstadt, August 13, 2013

Apply for the position of Manager for the Design Group

Dear Mr Müller

Thank you very much for the friendly and informative telephone conversation that we had yesterday. It made me all the more determined to apply for the position of Manager for the Design Group of your company that you advertised in Süddeutsche Zeitung of August 12, 2013. Therefore I send you my application papers.

For more than five years I have been successfully working as an architect for the design unit at XX in Musterstadt. Through this work I have been able to gain intensive practical experience in realization of different design projects. The planning of the new Town Hall in XX and the Opera building in XX are the examples of my accomplishments during this period. We managed to win these contracts under the conditions of fierce competition with a number of internationally recognized companies. My responsibilities at Kohlhaas also include negotiating and making arrangements with the contractors and developers. This experience – as well as others – proves my leadership and organization abilities.

Moreover, I have also been working for some time as university lecturer at Musterstadt Technical University teaching “Design in Commercial Building Construction“. This kind of activity has given me increased opportunity to develop the ability to explain complicated facts in a simple way.

I am interested in a position that would allow me to fully apply both my creative energy and leadership qualities. I possess strong communication and adaptation skills and always enjoy new challenges. Developing ideas in a committed team is for me the most interesting task in the profession of an architect. Besides I am also able to work under pressure and produce results under conditions of stress.

I am presently in regular employment without notice being given. I am confident that the combination of my knowledge and experience would be a valuable asset to your company. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the advertised position with you in more detail.

Yours sincerely,

Hans Meyer